Friday, January 21, 2011

Bar Interior Design | Stockholm Furniture Fair | Camp Site and Wis Design

Title: Design Bar by Camp Site
Object: Interior design and exhibition
Year: 2009

Description: Together with the design collective Camp Site, we have created the Design Bar of 2009 at Stockholm Furniture Fair.

This is not just a temporary designed bar at Stockholm Furniture Fair. This is also an up-coming cafe and meeting point in one of Stockholm ’s suburbs, run by the Red Cross. When the fair is over, this room will revive as the brand new and much longed for interior in a meeting point for people of different ages and with different backgrounds
Chairs and tables, benches and carpets, lightening and textiles - they are all designed with a purpose more long lasting than being a decoration in a bar for a couple of days. And just by being here, taking a break with a cup of coffee and a sandwich, you as well contribute to the project.....more


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