Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Music Studio Interior DesignEffigy Studios | Ferndale, Michigan | inFORM Studio

The nature of the recording studio is one of isolation, both figuratively and physically. Three major wrappings (Control, Isolation and Dispersion) have been introduced into the existing structure to address both the isolation and sound quality needs. Two smaller insertions (the vocal isolation booth and the courtyard) create focused moments in the project, pieces that address the quality of the space aside from the technical sound needs. The architectural interventions do not extend past the edges of the found object - they are completely contained by the container. There is little to no indication upon approach to the project of the internal interventions that create the functional spaces. The first room entered, the event room, is a large multiuse space. It is conceived, conceptually, as exterior. The true front elevation and major entrance threshold is approached only after stepping through the initial skin of the existing entrance. The event space is an interstitial space, non-programmed and transitional. From this volume, the core of the studio can be accessed through a significant threshold which occupies the same location as the present cut in the masonry wall. Light floods into this space from erosion of the walls surrounding the courtyard.....more


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