Friday, April 15, 2011

Office Interior Design | Dudok Wonen | Opera Amsterdam

OPERA was commissioned to redesign the offices for the Hilversum based housing co-operative Dudok Wonen. The co-operative wanted offices that reflected Dudok's identity in a pleasing and client friendly way without being overstated. The concept was translated into a space that is light and transparent. This was achieved primarily through the use of dividing walls that combine colour and typography in translucent layering.

The application of colour is unusual in its tonal array. The walls range from dark red to light yellow and are placed over and next to each other in varying multi-coloured combinations. The open plan and transparent surfaces are important in expressing Dudok's philosophy of forward thinking and openness. On all the floors in the public spaces hang black and white archival photographs of interiors and quotes by Dudok establishing a strong connection with the co-operatives namesake and contemporaries.

OPERA was responsible for the interior, including the spatial design, colour, material use, furniture, lighting, furniture and fixtures for the reception, waiting room, print rooms, kitchen and meeting rooms as well as the graphics, directional signage and communication. Surface area: 3250 m2.


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