Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Office Interior Design | Westraven interior Utrecht | Netherlands | Capezed

Flexiwork-oriented interior for the Westraven office complex, which was also designed by cepezed. As such, the building and the interior combine smoothly and exude the same tranquil and clear atmosphere purged of all visual pollution. The flexible floor plans have varying scale levels and degrees of privacy: ranging from open-plan offices to meeting rooms, conference rooms and a large multifunctional hall, to special silent cells. Higher management, the secretaries and specific employees such as the IT people, for example, have fixed workstations, but most of the other staff do not. On each floor of the low-rise section there are lockers where employees can store their personal possessions. The separate departments are more or less delineated, but within these departments the workstations all differ. Each member of staff has cupboard and shelf space for his or her documents, and he or she can decide where he or she is going to sit at each working session. There is an abundance of workstations and plug-in points to connect the laptop to the network. With the exception of the call centre, for example, which presents information for the Van A naar Beter.......more


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