Tuesday, April 12, 2011

dusitD2 Baraquda | Pattaya | Thailand | dwp design worldwide

Situated in one of the most vibrant and dynamic locations in the seaside city of Pattaya, the D2Baraquda hotel targets clients, looking for a different holiday experience in Southeast Asia. To evoke a sense of serenity and boldness, like a yacht cruising atop dynamic waves, the overall space and form of the building are shaped by oscillating lines. Starting from the front 12-metre cantilevered box, where the fourth floor ‘Deep Bar’ is located, the oceanic theme sets sail. The undulating motif of the Wave Wall, in the lobby, shapes architectural elements, such as the balustrades and the curved periphery of the pool. The entire design for this unique hotel was created, in conjunction with the owner, by world-class architecture and interior design firm dwp.......more


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