Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apartment Interior Design | South Florida | DEN Architecture

When the burgeoning condominium market in South Florida was at its peak, developers would turn over empty concrete shells devoid of any finishes; these apartments were called "designer-ready." The following project was a case study designed to infuse character into an otherwise soul-less concrete void.

The purpose was to provide a calming, practical, and flexible design for a young urban couple with high-demand jobs. Open spaces, multi-purpose areas, and high ceilings were a few of the strategies used to modify the formal aspect of the apartment. These efforts were complemented through a zen-inspired pallette of materials and artwork. Rich woods, sisal materials, and white leathers provide a balanced ambiance.

The use of reclaimed and restored vintage mid-century furniture was a major element of the project's sustainable design ambitions, avoiding the purchase (and fabrication) of new furniture and all its associated environmental costs. These pieces were combined with modular pre-fabricated storage components from local furniture retailers, which allows great flexibility and opportunities for re-use..........more


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