Friday, June 17, 2011

Retail Interior Design | Karine Arabian | Paris | Joseph Grappin

The shop is classic Parisian style with molded renovated facade to the old oak flooring and authentic herringbone. It hosts a presentation of shoes and leather goods, conceived as modules adaptable to any space.
Joseph Grapple develops a structural principle of vertical curved metal that punctuate the entire shop. Structures unfold in a linear curve in space to arrive in roundhouses fitting. The system adapts the presentation rosewood bars installed in a staggered, mirrors, screens protecting the privacy of the client. Addition of essential accessories to the attributes of femininity and elegance that the designer is attached.

While the project builds on the functionality of metal. These qualities techniques to refine the structural amounts to create a vacuum, increases the effect of self-lift and a feeling of lightness. This is a metal wire, a black line and functional graphic which unfolds on all trays, cabinets and consoles presentation. It is also a sheet of folded steel frame used as the checkout counter left door overhang and positioning themselves back to clear space on the ground..........more


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