Thursday, March 23, 2017

Restaurant Interior Design | Les Tablettes de Nomicos | Paris | Atelier Du Pont

Just a stone’s throw from the Place Victor Hugo, Jean-Louis Nomicos has opened his first restaurant in this establishment formerly run by Joël Robuchon. Decked out in new finery, Nomicos’s Les Tablettes serves cuisine from the south. To provide the perfect setting for his sun-kissed flavours, the interior draws inspiration from the form and texture of a basket, in a metaphor that is threaded and braided : interlaced strips of walnut cover the walls and ceiling, weaving a vault over the diners’ heads. Corseted by a backlit canvas, the flexible ribbons of light-grey wood let through slivers of light, giving this strange covering the appearance of a starry sky. The vast wall-mounted mirror, and the stainless steel framing the three alcoves, reflect ad infinitum this warm, abstract environment. Silver-grey carpet, orange-leather wall seats, muffled footsteps, and mellow muted voices set the tone in this original and enchanting restaurant, ideal for fans of starry skies and/or Michelin-starred chefs. The entire project, from the initial contact to the restaurant’s opening just before Christmas 2010, was completed in eight and a half weeks........more


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