Friday, September 22, 2017

Cafe Interior Design | Archie's All Day | Victoria | Australia | MGAO

This project is a cafe/restaurant/bar located on Gertrude St, a bustling street on the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD. Located on the ground floor of a building built circa 1860. The buildings walls contain the traces of 150+ years of occupation, renovation and adaptation of the original Victorian Terrace House.

The intent was to highlight the beauty of the buildings patchwork history as simply as possible. The approach was to whitewash the walls, creating a visually homogenous surface from the numerous masonry elements which had accrued over time, adding a new layer to the buildings rich history.

The rough, random surface of the stone is balanced by the smooth, repetitive surface of the white washed, vertical timber lining boards, and a series of reclaimed timber elements left in their natural state. The final layer, comprised of furniture, fixtures and fittings is a testament to our clients strong vision and the skill and effort from all the craftsman involved.......more


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