Friday, November 5, 2010

Apartment Interior Design | McFarland Residence | New York | Designed By I-Beam

This main focus of this project was inspired by a painting the client and his deceased wife had received as a gift from an artist, and which had a great sentimental value to him. We decided to incorporate the square painting that was composed of many different vibrant reds and pinks, into the wall of built-in cabinetry designed by I-Beam. The built-in cabinetry became a jig saw puzzle that accommodated all the various CDs and DVD collections the client owned as well a state of the art entertainment system along with his collection of ceramics, and objects. The cabinetry doors were painted to match the colors in the painting, and the painting became a door within the cabinet. All other cabinetry in the apartment were custom built to the client's needs....more

Photos by Peter Miller


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