Thursday, November 4, 2010

Corporate Interior Design | Healthcare Software Developer Offices,The Burgess Group Designed By SmithGroup

The Burgess Group was in the midst of transition. The company specializes in the development of Medicare and Medicaid-based reimbursement software, and was expanding as a result of the transformation of the nation's healthcare system. Due to rapid growth, they needed new space to accommodate increased staff and to visually reinforce their brand presence as a leader in their field.
Burgess selected a new space in a SmithGroup-designed building two blocks from their existing address. The new headquarters integrates organizational changes in work flow and processes, directed by owner Greg Burgess. The coveted corner office was no longer the centerpiece. The space was instead planned as a collaborative environment around an open studio for software engineers who often work long hours. It combines administrative offices, sales support space, a variety of workplaces, and an abundance of dedicated collaboration spaces and staff lounges to encourage creativity, knowledge sharing and open exchange of ideas in this ever-changing industry.
The success of the project was a result of a collaborative effort between Burgess Group and the design team. Company leadership was eager to push the envelope, integrating design concepts to accommodate workflow, technology and sustainability. Access to technology was crucial within the environment. The dozens of servers required to support software development are prominently displayed. Colors throughout convey the duality of a young, growing, yet stable organization. Use of natural materials both express authenticity and complexity.

Incorporating green design concepts was critical for the new digs. Every detail from building selection to finishes and company processes were considered in the sustainability plan. To promote employee well-being, open workstations are purposely low and transparent, allowing 100% of staff with views to outdoors and access to natural light. The building is situated in a hip, mixed-use area close to shopping, restaurants and transportation lines, and participates in a recycling program that accepts paper, cardboard, plastics, glass and metal waste. More than 90% of the equipment and appliances in the space are Energy Star rated. The tenant space provides for ongoing accountability and optimization of energy. Meters were installed to document on-going electric, stream and water use. Lighting efficiencies reduced the energy consumption by 35%, while low-flow plumbing fixtures reduced potable water requirements 55% below standard needs.

The project achieved LEED-CI Platinum certification by the U.S. Green Building Council, top honors for a green building....more
Location :Alexandria, Virginia
Size :17,000 sf
Cost :Confidential


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