Thursday, November 4, 2010

Copilevitz & Canter Law Firm,Kansas City, Missouri Designed By BNIM

Kansas City, Missouri
10,980 square feet
Completion: 2007

The Copilevitz & Canter law offices reflect the culture of this non-traditional law practice. The workplace is casual, functional yet fun, environmentally responsible and incorporates strategies that foster human health and productivity.

BNIM worked with Copilevitz & Canter in 1996 to design their previous offices. By 2006, Copilevitz had outgrown their space, and looked for a new location. The design team worked to create a new home for the law practice, beginning with a “re-acquaintance” evaluation to understand the needs and goals that had changed in ten years, and what elements should be duplicated, but with a twist.

Both the design team and client agreed the design should incorporate the exposed building materials of the renovated warehouse in their natural state. As a result, the design incorporates red brick exterior walls, wood columns, wood beams and an exposed wood deck. The new design elements, modern furniture and backlit walls of a modern polycarbonate material in cobalt blue, contrast with these materials and bring energy and bold color into the space....more


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