Friday, November 26, 2010

Office Interior | Meridian | Vienna,Austria | Soehne Partner

Inspired by the firms' core business as a shipping company, a shiny, mirroring ship's bow forms the centre of its new head office. Hereby the company - formerly scattered in small offices across the city - acquired new headquarters that embody its image and present themselves as a space for the future, characterized by transparency and openness.

From the spacious and bright lobby curved walls diverge like waves while glass walls are covered with polka-dot patterns for visual protection either of them referring to the leitmotif of sea and schools of fish. Adjacent to the foyer generous meeting rooms are arranged. Large, bright lounge areas provide space for communication and interaction.
location: 1070 Vienna, Seidengasse 9-11, Austria
start of planning: October 2006
completion: March 2007
client: Meridian
Tobias Klaubert, Boris Drusowitsch
net area: 1.200 m2
project status: completed
fotos: Alexander Koller
companies :Glaserer: Briza


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