Friday, November 26, 2010

Retail Interior | Friendlyhouse | Vienna, Austria | Soehne Partner

The new home of ‘friendly house' DJ equipment is located in a street level shop, which used to be a simple elongated room worth mentioning only for its sculptured vault.
In order to reflect the image of ‘friendly house' as a young, vital company in the interior design, all elements are planned en detail and impress by their distinct design: They appear dynamic and vivid as they traverse the shop in all three dimensions without ever lacking a clear structure. The music's provocative character - new, powerful ideas that are often perceived as irritating by the public - are reflected by intentionally sharp-edged furniture. Shelves running along the walls meet free-standing elements, which share colours and detailing as a unifying design feature......more

location: Wiedner Hauptstraße 39, 1040 Vienna, Austria
start of planning: July 2005
start of construction: March 2006
completion: July 2006
client: Friendlyhouse Oliver Paar KEG
Boris Drusowitsch, Mark Neuner
net area: 180 m2
project status: completed
fotos: Alexander Koller
companies:Joiner: Radaschitz


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