Friday, December 3, 2010

Dental Clinic Interior | Smile Designer Lounge SailCity | Bremerhaven | Germany | Gruppe für Gestaltung

The dentist’s office Dr. Linneweber & Partner is one of the foremost dentist’s offices in the region of Bremerhaven and environment in Lower Saxony. In addition to the entire range of dental services, the focus of the ‘smile designers’ is on early and long-lasting prophylaxis. In January 2009 the ‘Smile Designer Lounge SailCity’ was opened on 720 square feet on the tenth floor of the striking SailCity high-rise building with a view of the Weser river beach.

Traffic moves smoothly from the spacious reception to the open waiting area and from there to the treatment area. Harmonious colours with contrasting colour highlights and the soft language of shapes create a cosy, relaxing sense of space. Large glass doors allow the daylight to enter the rooms. Complemented by indirect lighting and discreet ceiling lamps, this generates a bright and friendly light throughout the premises, with exciting highlights. Visitors are thus offered a unique, lounge-like atmosphere while at the same time ensuring comfortable logistics of the staff’s work processes......more


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