Saturday, December 18, 2010

Educational Interior Design | Blij-Land nursery Designed By Rocha Tombal Architecten

Blij-Land nursery

The Childcare centre presents itself to the passenger through a giant show window. The playroom functions as a “street” next to a street with the long glass wall in between. The entrance distinguishes itself by its dark inside, like a cut volume. Here, the children can draw their own sketches on the anthracite walls. Entered inside one discovers a clear long closet wall across the width of the building. Here, coats, shoes and baskets are stored. Through small openings one catches a glimpse of what is happening inside and discovers that each group by means of different colours has its own identity. This identity is reinforced by the glass display case next to the entrances of the various group areas, where the children devise their own themes to present to the parents.
Behind the closet wall, the protected group areas are located on the garden side. Separate playing areas are formed by elevated stages, from where the children can behold the world through their own “castle”.....more


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