Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Museum Interior | Genieloods | Center for contemporary art | Vijfhuizen | The Netherlands | Designed By Office Jarrik Ouburg

The steel skeleton of the historic military engineers barrack ‘the Genieloods’ is covered with one layer of thin steel plates. The inner climate is therefore unsuitable for expositions, extremely hot in summer and too cold in winter. In the proposal the interior of the barrack is covered with sheets made of NASA-developed space-blankets. With this very light intervention summer heat is kept outside and the warmth produced by the floor heating in winter is kept inside. Because of the mirroring effect of the material the space is endlessly enlarged while the exposition can be viewed from the front, back and top. During in-between seasons (spring and autumn) the space blankets are mechanically winded up, exposing the original historical interior of the barrack back again......more


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