Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Restaurant Interior Design | Meander Restaurant | Emmen | Rotterdam | DaF Architecten

Eating organism
With the theme "eating animals" beaten a bridge between the program and the recognition of the zoo. All program components are mobilized for the representation of this theme.
In the middle of the glass room is a large whale-like body that brings together all service areas and desks. Two kiosks, bar, kitchen, storage and kitchen are located on the lower floor, toilets, staff rooms and plant room on the top floor. In and around it are 200 seats, tables shaped like herds of animals patterns. On the video wall showing the feeding times of the animals of the zoo. The organism has an understandable albeit blood-red interior, but an unclear biological identity, in addition to being a nice little animal thing works: the staircase and cloakroom are included in the tail and the kitchen and bar in the mouth wide open. The enormous volume is trapped in a window, pressing his nose against the glass and overlooks the square Weiert.......more


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