Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hotel Interior Design | The Saraya Gallery | Cairo Marriott Egypt | Hirsch Bedner Associates

The Saraya Gallery - housed in the Cairo Marriott Egypt - was the palace originally built for Princess Eugenie, the wife of Napolean III, to accommodate her during her trip to Egypt for the opening ceremony of the Suez Canal. With that in mind, the five star hotel in Cairo, appointed HBA to resurrect the royal tale through the renovation of one of its old restaurants to its former Ottoman glory. During the renovation of Saraya Gallery, HBA sought to keep the style of the Cairo restaurant authentic and similar to the original palace. Al Gezira palace was carefully designed to relay strong French influences all over the structure, carefully mixing European and Ottoman influences to result in an elegant, sophisticated yet comfortable scene. HBA wanted to bring back the palace's former glory and create wonderfully dramatic and intimate spaces throughout Saraya Gallery's grand high rooms.......more


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