Monday, April 11, 2011

Office Interior Design | Ogilvy | Culver City | California | Shubin + Donaldson Architects

The new offices are located in a former light industrial area that was recently redeveloped as a technology and arts district by Samitaur Constructs. The existing building was designed by Eric Owen Moss. The program for the new office space is intended to communicate a commitment to cutting-edge work and feature the latest communication technology, including a complete internal post-production facility. The design team was asked to build an open-plan work space to house a staff of more than 110 people.

Ogilvy is a brand-name advertising agency and a leader worldwide. The company’s executives were looking to reinvent themselves with leading-edge design of new offices in Los Angeles. The large open-plan of this decidedly industrial space has been used as an advantage in the design program. Structural wood beams and large, plate-glass windows around the perimeter walls lend character and provide natural light throughout the office. Behind a front-facing, angled plate-glass wall, a perforated-metal tunnel known as “The Tube” dominates the entrance to the offices and is intended to serve as a gallery entry path to the rest of the building......more


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