Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fashion Store Interior Design | Marvel Fashion Store | Beijing | China | Crossboundaries

This interchangeable fashion store offers the ultimate flexible layout by maximizing the space to showcase changing collections. Functioning not only as a shop but also as an exhibition space or a venue for informal gatherings.

light, free and flowing

Organized around a single fixed element, the reception and cafe bar also serves to display jewellery. Positioned in front of the entrance it forms a strong visual connection to the outside, keeping the space behind free and raises curiosity as to what lies behind. During the day natural light is utilized. Resolving all the limitations of space a very small budget also had to be considered.

A system of railings integrates lighting and free flowing curtains to help separate and connect the flow of the space, depending on functional needs. The curtains transform the store into different zones and areas. Offering the same flexibility, the clothes rails and mirrors can be easily detached.....more


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