Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mexican Restaurant Interior Design | Broken Spanish | Los Angeles | California | AERO Collective

B.S. Taqueria is the complimentary eatery to Broken Spanish, designed to reflect the casual Mexican food items offered by Chef Ray Garcia.

With this iteration, the Chef requested a more organic, down-to-earth experience in which his dishes could be well-represented, and we listened. In collaboration with Bells & Whistles interior designers, the space was designed with mahogany chairs and tabletops for certain seating areas, woven cushions and draperies, traditional Mexican paper cut-out decorations known as papel picado art designed with the B.S. Taqueria logo, eating utensils on display, a custom molinillo chandelier, which serves as a centerpiece in the main dining room, and many other interior notables including hard wood structural support columns that stand out in contrast to the vibrant-colored walls.......more


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